Artist Researcher Teacher

my phd project

Visual Arts teacher students’ use of material and spatial aspects of thinking, reasoning and problem solving around theories and concepts related to their own inquiry in the current educational context.

  • What knowledge is gained in material-spatial based investigation of abstract phenomena?
  • When and how do this knowledge become?

As the study moves within the post humanist framework of Agential Realism (AR), space and materiality are considered to be co-producers in these processes. Therefor the study focuses not only the actions performed by people or in interpersonal relationships, but takes into account the influence of multiple matter in every becoming. Significant for the theory and for this study is performativity and its associated concept intra-activity.

Through AR, Barad describes an understanding of the world as natural and social forces in a constantly intertwined existence. Barad argues that we cannot understand materiality as either something given, a surface waiting to be activated, or a product of human culture. To avoid falling into this dualistic approach, she formulates the concept of natural-culture that connects these two. Within the AR, knowledge-making is studied in becoming, “the study of practices of knowing in being”, “we know because we are of the world” (Barad 2007).