Artist Researcher Teacher

the ironing (2016)

During one day of work, 7 am to 4 pm, I ironed 80 unwrinkled shirts wrinkled.

The performance was created with the intention to enquire into the contradictory position I found myself in, as an artist and a teacher, working in a labour market training programme. I have noticed how I as a teacher/fellow human/artist, in meeting with others, allways with good intentions, often make things worse. 

In the autoethnographic study The unfree will (Den ofria viljan), I write about how, in different pedagogical situations, we can approach the roles, frameworks and learning spaces through Deleuze and Guattarie’s philosophical argument about smooth and striated spaces.

This performance is done as part of my autoethnographic study The unfree will (Den ofria viljan).

Performed at 13festivalen 5th of January 2016, Konstepidemin Gothenburg.