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jag minns det oavslutade / i remember the unfinished (2021)

Installation and sound piece by Camilla Johansson Bäcklund, Christian Kleinhenz and Julia Boström.

Jag minns det oavslutade (I remember the unfinished) is the result of a joint work around three important places for the village Svenshögen. The sanatorium, Hällungen and the station. During one day in June 2021, talks were held at these places together with people who in various ways have connections to Svenshögen. The conversations were led by Jonas Gren, Jenny Tunedal and Julia Boström. Through the work, images, stories and memories have been generated. These fragments have formed a common contemporary memory bank, an entanglement of stories about Svenshögen that has become a sound piece.

Narrator: Pia Edlund.

We want to thank all of you who with great commitment and warmth shared your stories with us.